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Ruth Calland is a painter, performer, curator and Jungian analyst. She has a specialist interest both clinically and creatively in the dissociability of the psyche, and the potential for healing contained within its complementary trait, the associative tendency. Her live art has explored psychic connectivity between people both living and ancestral, telepathic connection with cultural artefacts, and related to sea creatures and the sea as symbolic conduits for the collective unconscious.


Ruth is a member of Contemporary British Painting and in 2021 curated Darkness at Noon for CBP. This group exhibition at APT Gallery, London, used the alchemical concept of nigredo, the dark night of the soul, as a lens through which to reflect on the pandemic. She received a grant from the London Borough of Culture awards for another curated project in 2019, Archipelago, which took 9 artists to work onsite from the nine islands of the Walthamstow Wetlands. In 1922 she was selected to be the first artist in residence for Pasture Project Space, Sudbury.


Ruth has exhibited nationally and internationally as a painter, has been included in the New Contemporaries at the ICA, shown recently at Transition Gallery, Oceans Apart and Pineapple Black, and was included in the Contemporary British Painting show Made In Britain, 80 Painters of the 21st Century, at Yantai Museum and touring to Nanjing and Tianjin in China in 2017, and Gdansk, Poland in 2019. She has been a prize-winner at Southwark Gallery Open, a Rome Scholar runner up, Boise Travelling Scholarship winner, and included twice in the Marmite Prize for Painting.


In 2019 she was awarded the international Fordham Prize for her paper about working with awareness of racialised identities. Her new clinical paper ‘Facilitating the emergence of hidden dissociative identity disorder: finding the lost maiden Medusa’ was recently published in the February 2022 issue of the Journal of Analytical Psychology.


1985    BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry  

1988    MA in Fine Art, Chelsea School of Art

2004    MSc in the Psychodynamics of Human Development, British Association of Psychotherapists and Birkbeck College

2018    Clinical qualification in Jungian Analytic Psychotherapy, British Psychotherapy Foundation, London



2022    Residency presentation of work and discussion: Pasture Project Space, Sudbury, UK

2021    Darkness at Noon: Nigredo of a Pandemic, APT Gallery, London (curator)

            Darkness at Noon panel event for Contemporary British Painting,(curator and panellist), online 

2019    Archipelago: Islands of the Wetlands (curator), Walthamstow Wetlands, London

2014    Not Yet Dead Nearly (curator), King’s Lynn Arts Centre

2014    No You, No Wonder It's Dark, The Warrant Officer, London

2013    Social Drawing Machine, Dance Camp East, Norfolk 

2012    Hermaphrodite Wedding, B & B Project Space, Folkestone

2012    Hermaphrodite Wedding, English Heretic AGM, Masonic Lodge, Bath  

2011    Corrupted Vessels, The Yard theatre bar, London 

2011    Carnival of Souls, B & B Gallery, part of Vernacular Folk, Folkestone Triennial Fringe Program

            Carnival of Souls, Penny Fielding Interiors, E17 Art Trail, London

2010    Astral Gunslinger, E17 Art Trail, London

2009    Just a Little Dance To Help Me See Into Your Soul, L-13 Gallery, London 

2008    Countess Euphoria’s Telepathic Dating Agency, E17 Arts Trail 

2007   ‘Dame Batlove’s Blind Fortune Telling, with Psychic Sauce‘, ‘O Dreamland’, Greatstone, curated by the Transition Gallery 

            Yes Yes Y’all, Hastings Museum and Art Gallery; curated by Adelaide Bannerman 

2006    Professor Timecreep Demonstrates The Love of a Television for its Memories, Three Colts, London 

            Professor Timecreep’s Academy of Re-Wiring, Vestry House Museum, London 

2005    Esme, Transmuter of Dreams, performance drawings, The Foundry, London 

            Countess Euphoria’s Telepathic Tête-à-têtes, Lloyds Park Theatre, London as part of News From Nowhere: Visions of Utopia 

            Hepsibah’s Spirit Parlour, Vestry House Museum, London 

            Radmilla Click, Time-Travelling Secret Agent, The Foundry, London 

            Live performance of ‘Radmilla Click’ on Radio Resonance fm 

            Esme, Transmuter of Dreams, The Artists Fleamarket, Temporary Contemporary 

            The Social Drawing Machine, Transition, London

1997    Mothers’ Suite, Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery 

1996    Mothers’ Suite, Atlantis Gallery, London 




2023    Artworks Open 2023, Barbican Arts Group Trust, selected by Jasleen Kaur and Rudy Loewe

2023    Conference presenter; Alchemy: Exploring Metaphorical Transformations and Arts-Based Research, (London Arts Based Research                Centre), at Oxford University.

2023    It’s Coming from Inside, (part of Windows and Thresholds), at Bell House, part of Dulwich Festival, curated by Sarah Sparkes and              Jane Millar

2023    The Flesh and the Answer, curated by Jack Trodd, auction for the Hep C Trust

2023    ‘X’, Newcastle Contemporary, Newcastle

2022    Paint Edgy: Contemporary British Painting & Guests, The Ropewalk Gallery, Barton on Humber

2022    Stand Close and Breathe Me In, curated by Enzo Marra, Elysium, Swansea

2022    Vitalistic Fantasies, Elysium, Swansea

2022    On Paper, curated by Matthew Macaulay, PAPER, Manchester

2022    Frequencies (for Healing), curated by Hayley Lock, at the Confer/Karnac Art Space, London.

2022    Speaker, panel event at Frequencies (for Healing): Exploring an ecological view of the psyche. A conversation between Dr Joe                  Cambray, Ruth Calland & Serena Korda.

2022    Paradoxes, Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight

2021    Stand Close and Breathe Me In, curated by Enzo Marra, Oceans Apart, Salford 

            Stand Close and Breathe Me In, Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough

2020    Vitalistic Fantasies, The Cello Factory, London

            Picture Palace, Transition Gallery

2019    Afterparty, Rose and Crown, Art Night London

            Artislands film shown at the E17 International Art Festival

            Blind Sale, LUVA Gallery, London

            The Art Trail in a Nutshell, Window Gallery, London

            Made In Britain, 82 Painters of the 21st Century, National Museum, Gdansk 

2018    Rituals and Rites, Artcore, Derby

            Coventry Drawing Prize, Classroom Gallery, Coventry 

            Osman’s Xmas Bazaar! Studio 1.1, London (selected by public vote). 

            New Painting, The Crypt, St Marylebone Church, London 

            Coventry University Drawing Prize, The Telegraph Building, Coventry

2017    Contemporary Masters from Britain: 80 British Painters of the 21st Century, Yantai Museum and touring to Nanjing and Tianjin

            Anything Goes, Contemporary British Painting, curated by Anna McNay, Art Bermondsey Project Space, London

            In Dreams, Menier Gallery, London

2016    Coventry University Drawing Prize

            Contemporary British Painters Winter Exhibition, The Crypt, St Marylebone Church, London 

2015    Members Show (Red and Black), Studio 1.1, London

            Coventry University Drawing Prize: Lewis Gallery, Rugby, and touring to Hinckley College 

            Contemporary British Painting, Winter Exhibition, The Crypt, St Marylebone Church, London 

2014    This Years Model 2014, Studio 1.1, London 

            Art/Converters! Studio 1.1, London 

            The Coventry University Elliotts Drawing Prize, The Lewis Gallery, Rugby School and touring to the Lanchester Gallery, Coventry 

2013    Coventry University Drawing Prize 

            British Psychotherapy Foundation Summer Show 

            Roll Over Play Dead, Stour Space, London. Curated by Martin Brown 

            Summer Show, Penny Fielding, London 

2012    Good Times Roll, High Roller Society, London

            ‘Loom’ (film), Penny Fielding Interiors, London 

            Walthamstow International Film Festival, London 

            400 Women, Sugar City, Halfweg, The Netherlands

            Coventry University Drawing Prize 2012, Lewis Gallery, Rugby                 

2011    Republic, Red Room Gallery, London. Curated by David Sullivan

            400 Women, Canongate Venture, Edinburgh Festival 

            Coventry University and Seawhite Drawing Prize 2011, Lewis Gallery, Rugby

            The Moment of Privacy Has Passed, Usher Gallery, Lincoln 

2010    400 Women, curated by Tamsyn Challenger, Shoreditch Town Hall             

             Hackney Wicked Arts Festival, London

             Gallery Open (prize-winner), Southwark Café Gallery 

             Artworks Open, Artworks Project Space (curated by Graham Crowley and Timothy Hyman) 

             Stop, Press (print show), The High Roller Society, London 

             Small is Beautiful, Flowers East, London 

2009     Idle Gossip, curated by Stephanie Moran, Flat Gallery, London 

             WITH OR WITHOUT GOD; Ecstatic Wonderment and Physical Experience in Painting - and beyond, curated by Stephanie                     Moran, L-13, London 

             Artworks Open, Artworks Project Space, London 

             Drawings with Dolphins, curated by Marcus Cope and Stephanie Moran, Crimes Town, London 

             Hackney Wicked Arts Festival, London 

2008     The Marmite Prize for Painting, Studio 1.1, London 

             Small is Beautiful, Flowers East, London

             Yes Yes Y’All, curated by Adelaide Bannerman, Hastings Museum & Art Gallery 

2007     The Great Exhibition Room, Arlington Gallery, London 

             The Smoking Suffragettes, Rational Rec (with Lucy Panesar) 

2006     The Marmite Prize, The Residence, London 

             Through the Looking Glass, Three Colts, London 

2005     Flash In The Pan, House Gallery London 

             Soul Mining, with Sharon Gal & Esther Planas, Transition, London 

             The Disturbing Eye, Trade, London 

2004     We Can Work It Out, Three Colts Gallery, London 

             Tin Angel, Coventry 

             The Disturbing Eye, Pink Stallion Gallery, Manchester 

2003     Chateau de Sacy, Sacy-le-Petit, France 

             Coventry Open, Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry 

             Secret, Royal College of Art, London 

             Small is Beautiful, Flowers East, London 

2002     Drawings for All, selected by Maggie Hambling, Gainsborough’s House, Sudbury 

2001     Changing Room Gallery, London 

             Shifting Ground, Spitz Gallery, London 

1999      Love, Religion, Explosives’, St. Margaret’s Church, Norwich 

1998      Vital Art, Atlantis Gallery, London 

              Coningsby Gallery, London 

              Undercurrents, (with Capsa artists group), Woodlands Gallery, London 

1997      Guest Artist, Bedford Artists Annual Group Show, Bedford Gallery  

1996      Unquiet Voices, with the Capsa group, Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery 

              Body Politic, Wolverhampton Museum & Art Gallery. Curated by Marguerite Nugent, touring to Derby Museum & Art Gallery 

              Taboo; Sense and Sensibility, New End Gallery, London 

              Provocative Prints, New End Gallery, London 

1992      Lamont Gallery, London 

1989      Paton Gallery, London 

1987      Three Figurative Painters, Paton Gallery, London 

1986      New Contemporaries, ICA, London & Bluecoat  Gallery, Liverpool 

              Expo ‘86, National Garden Festival, Stoke-on-Trent 




2022     Residency, Pasture Project Space, Sudbury UK

2020     Michael Fordham Prize for best paper of 2019, International Journal of Analytical Psychology, for ‘Race, Power and Intimacy in                 the Intersubjective Field’.

2019     Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture grant (curator, Archipelago) 

2010     Prizewinner, Southwark Cafe Gallery Open

2007     Henry Moore Foundation (artist, Hastings Museum, Yes Yes Y’All)

2007     Arts Council Grant (artist, Transition Gallery: O Dreamland)

2006     Waltham Forest Arts Council Grant

1998     Art 4 All Grant (curator, Undercurrents)

1988     GLOSCAT Staff Research Grant

1987     Boise Travelling Scholarship

1987     Reserve, Rome Scholarship

1987     Fellowship in Painting, Gloscestershire College of Art & Technology, Cheltenham



Priseman Seabrook Collection

Slade School of Art

Martin McGinn

Leicestershire Collection

British Gas plc

Coventry University

Kettner Collection



Interviewed by Susie Hamilton, commissioned by Robert Priseman, to accompany the relaunch of the Priseman Seabrook Collection. 2023:

Facilitating the emergence of hidden dissociative identity disorder: finding the lost maiden Medusa, Calland R., Journal of Analytical Psychology, Volume 67, Issue1, February 2022, pp 73-87: 


Darkness at Noon catalogue, for show at APT Gallery London, curated by Ruth Calland for Contemporary British Painting. Published November 2021:


Race, power and intimacy in the intersubjective field, Calland, R., Journal of Analytical Psychology, 2019, volume 64, no. 3, pp 367-385:


Heron Imperatives, Damselfly Affordances, by Stephanie Moran, to accompany Archipelago: Islands of the Wetlands.


Link to Artislands, a film about Archipelago:Islands of the Wetlands: 


Podcast interview with four artists from Archipelago, Forest Radio:     (podcast is in grey below youtube film)


Coverage of Archipelago:


Contemporary Masters From Britain: 80 British Painters of the 21st Century, Priseman, R.   Createspace, 2017


The Kaleidoscoping Self: Comings and Goings in Our Internal World, Calland, R, 2016. Paper delivered at symposium ‘The Cycle of Life in Art , Literature and Science, Coventry University, 2016


Coverage of No You, No Wonder It’s Dark:


Vernacular Folk, Folkestone Fringe Program catalogue, 2012


Coventry University Drawing Prize 2012, catalogue


Coverage of photographic work from Hermaphradite Wedding:


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Marmite Painting Prize Catalogue 2011 (longlisted)


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Dazed and Confused vol 2 issue 23, March 2005, p.201, Nick Hackworth,

   Previews: ‘Soul Mining: Ruth Calland, Sharon Gal, Esther Planas’


Arty, issue 17: ‘Eastend’, Nov 2004, Ruth Calland ‘Tree Stories’


Arty, issue 14: ‘Girls’, Feb 2004 p.30-31 Cathy Lomax, ‘Ruth Calland’ (interview)


Arty, issue 14: ‘Girls’, Feb 2004 p.32-35 ‘Ruth Calland’ 4 commissioned drawings



2021           Society of Analytical Psychology, ‘Working with Race in the Consulting Room’. 

2020           Society of Analytical Psychology, ‘Working with Race', with Ruth Williams 

2018-20       British Psychotherapy Foundation, Psychotherapy Today course, discussion group facilitator

2019           Camden Arts Centre, 8 week course: Drawing and Painting from the Unconscious

                   Weston Park Art Club, children’s workshop on Dream Worlds

2011-18      Coventry University Fine Art BA (hons) course

2010           Chelsea College of Art 

2009-10      Guildford College 

2000           Morley College, London

1992-94      Bedford College of Higher Education (lecturer in drawing)

1989-94      Wimbledon School of Art

1988-89      South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education, Cardiff

1987-88      Teaching Fellowship in Painting, Gloscestershire College of Art & Design




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